Astrotide, LLC
Astrotide helps innovative scientists bring biomedical ventures to life
We offer both business development and operational expertise: strategy, fund-raising, team and SAB build-up, partnerships, preclinical and early-stage clinical program management.
Our forte is drug development startups.
Our involvement can range from an external advisor on specific topics to interim CEO to a Board member.
Askar Kuchumov,

I started as a scientist: I am a co-author in 20+ publications and 2 patent applications.

My entrepreneurial nature led me quickly onto the path of startups. In a small company environment, I learned a great deal about balancing business objectives on one hand and challenges of developing new biomedical technologies, on the other.

I stayed on the business side as I took on new roles within research tools and clinical diagnostics industries. And experimented with my own projects learning foundational things about business the hard way – through effort and failure.

My overarching vision has always been to build viable ventures based on science that help people live healthier lives.
For the last 10+ years, I was mostly focused on the fascinating - and very risky - world of innovative drug development, first as a member of a venture capital fund and interim CEO of portfolio companies, then as a Principal of Astrotide, LLC.

In the recent years, my passion has grown towards longevity research and CNS related projects, especially in mental health.
I am fascinated by the recent advances in the science of aging clearly demonstrating the possibility of not only slowing down the process but even reversing it.

I am always learning more and am eager to contribute my knowledge and skills to advancing this field.
Things I do best and enjoy:
Integrating ideas and disparate information into new concepts.
Bilingual: I can understand and speak both science and business.
Clearly communicating my ideas.
Human communications: high empathy, good verbal and written skills, easily crossing cultural barriers.
Be in touch with research process: I love the process of discovery and learning new things.
Thinking out-of-the-box.
For mental health treatments, I am a strong believer in the power of psychedelics in combination with psychotherapy.

I am driven by potential of these approaches to treat addiction, depression, anxiety and related disorders – most of which have no adequate treatment today.

I strive to contribute my knowledge and skills to enable further progress in this area.
My subject matter keywords:
Intellectual property
Technology transfer
Due diligence
Preclinical research
Clinical trials
Life sciences
Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Wayne State University School of Medicine (Detroit, MI, USA)
B.Sc. Chemistry, Moscow State University (Russia)
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